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Milan Zamazal ae7a95230f README: Add info about MELPA 2022-07-26 20:00:57 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 115a8a89a3 Use user-error rather than ‘error’ in interactive functions 2022-07-25 20:58:07 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 8109f43855 Toggle microphone: Better error message if there is no default input
Instead of an Elisp type error.
2022-07-16 21:33:36 +02:00
Milan Zamazal a81c61ab0a Expand commentary in pipewire.el
This is what would be displayed in MELPA package description.
2022-07-16 21:25:20 +02:00
Milan Zamazal c23524cd30 Take pipewire-cli out of pipewire-access.el
This should resolve the remaining issues with name prefixes.
2022-07-16 21:03:29 +02:00
Milan Zamazal e032234c63 Fix typo in pipewire-lib commentary 2022-07-16 20:53:02 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 78c8c6e083 Use ‘pipewire-’ prefix everywhere
This is necessary for MELPA.
2022-07-16 20:53:00 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 33fbb2ba1a Rephrase docstrings starting with lower cases to stop checkdoc complaints 2022-07-16 20:12:05 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 07e8456ce4 Rename pipewire-zero-pkg.el to pipewire-zero.el
And replace the package definition with a simple ‘require’.
This should be enough for MELPA.
2022-07-12 21:38:07 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 4ce4bbda10 Simplify a bit a condition in pipewire--current-object 2022-07-12 21:32:56 +02:00
Milan Zamazal cc8fa0336e Document CLASS cl-defgeneric arguments
This is needed to make checkdoc happy.  The wording is not very good
because checkdoc insists on using one of the predefined words before
2022-07-12 21:27:19 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 7ec78e2caf Rename pw-ui.el to pipewire.el
This makes all the prefixes in the file the same and checkdoc is
happy about it.
2022-07-12 21:15:58 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 562b910aa0 Silence checkdoc messages about docstrings of internal objects
Internal objects here don’t have and shouldn’t have documentation
strings because:

- There is nothing useful to specify in them.
- They are not a stable API to be used.
- They would pollute the source file and make it larger.
2022-07-06 10:20:27 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 119aef1b08 Move Code: labels before the beginning of code
From the places where they were inserted by checkdoc.
2022-07-05 13:30:30 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 91888abb91 pw-lib-set-default: Remove ending dot in the error message 2022-07-04 19:17:02 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 22d02e5b7f Document single-p argument in docstrings 2022-07-04 19:16:33 +02:00
Milan Zamazal dd4c2728a5 Mistakes in docstrings corrected 2022-07-04 19:16:12 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 2b53b19c05 Add useless “Code” headers to make checkdoc happier 2022-07-04 19:15:13 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 3f56c8fc0d Use Version instead of Package-Version in package headers 2022-07-04 19:04:42 +02:00
Milan Zamazal e9273dcf09 New command pipewire-properties 2022-07-02 09:43:54 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 5047d562c4 Remove trailing spaces 2022-07-02 09:30:44 +02:00
Milan Zamazal b54e3e4af6 Display nick as the object name if available 2022-07-02 09:18:09 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 55977bbc70 Use pipewire-zero as Elisp package name
To avoid the problems with a numeric suffix.
2022-06-29 22:09:39 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 4c19a7b130 Rename the pkg file to pipewire-pkg.el
This is what package-install looks for, it apparently strips the
numeric suffix.
2022-06-29 22:03:44 +02:00
Milan Zamazal be0e9ce3a8 Add file headers
To make package-lint happy.
2022-06-29 22:00:24 +02:00
Milan Zamazal cb40da6d96 Improve the pkg file 2022-06-29 22:00:23 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 271f9d5ed2 Add “ends here” footers
They are useless but package-lint requires them.
2022-06-29 21:55:53 +02:00
Milan Zamazal bac34b4e8f Specify a parent customization group 2022-06-28 22:24:20 +02:00
Milan Zamazal bff6a566e2 Add a package file 2022-06-28 22:24:20 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 7695f21b18 Add debug declaration to pw-ui--osd macro 2022-06-28 22:24:20 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 9425f7f359 Don’t prefix lambdas with #' 2022-06-28 22:24:20 +02:00
Milan Zamazal c31950cb30 Don’t use -face suffix for faces 2022-06-28 22:24:20 +02:00
Milan Zamazal bcf5c5e3d4 Add “;;; Commentary:” labels 2022-06-28 22:24:20 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 57fe580df2 Escape initial parentheses in docstrings 2022-06-28 22:24:20 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 66b49c4e37 Don’t err in pw-ui--update-muted when called on a node 2022-06-28 22:24:20 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 38953efca5 README a bit updated 2022-06-28 21:04:48 +02:00
Milan Zamazal b6f9754600 Report the node name of the muted port 2022-06-28 20:56:21 +02:00
Milan Zamazal adf36e59b1 New command pipewire-toggle-microphone 2022-06-28 20:43:37 +02:00
Milan Zamazal b80fbab73a Cache default nodes
This makes a significant difference in CPU usage when e.g. displaying
the defaults in a panel.
2022-06-25 07:11:20 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 9ca7a06af6 Screenshot updated 2022-06-18 10:33:00 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 6fad0ba9f7 Use floating numbers for OSD frame position
If there are multiple monitors with different resolutions, integer
values may cause placing the OSD outside of the visible area.
Floating values are relative to the current monitor size and OSD
is always placed inside the visible area.
2022-06-17 19:30:38 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 2759cce8a6 Set parent frame for OSD
This ensures the OSD is displayed on the current monitor.
2022-06-17 19:29:30 +02:00
Milan Zamazal b7a83c81c1 Move formatting list of properties to a separate function 2022-06-16 07:30:52 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 2c421bb990 Add support for device profiles
This is especially useful with Bluetooth devices.
2022-06-15 21:31:24 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 1065d9d389 Fix pw-cli--parse-properties
- Remove some redundancy.
- Make sure we don’t search after the end point.
- Move to the end point (this is necessary for parsing the following
2022-06-15 21:30:27 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 08c9d50a1c Silence compilation warnings about unused variables 2022-06-15 19:50:24 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 6041fcdc0b Add retrieval of default capture ports 2022-06-14 20:22:22 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 36b66024ad Don’t err in pw-lib-default-playback-ports without default sink 2022-06-14 20:03:46 +02:00
Milan Zamazal cd1a8beeab Change volume of playback ports by default
This seems to be more correct than changing volume of the whole sink.
The default volume of the sink is 1 (100) and alsamixer also changes
volume of the ports.
2022-06-13 21:27:29 +02:00
Milan Zamazal 2d76e595a9 Cache object bindings 2022-06-13 21:27:28 +02:00